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How to Work Virtually Anywhere

How to Work viaVideo
by Jeanne Mayeux
O.K. its not really viaVideo but viaVirtual world. I had to stick my blog theme in there somehow. Hey you can market via video in Second Life so there you have it. Back to my topic.

Market Your Business in Second Life.
Second Life offers an advantage over conference calls and online conference apps such as Cisco's WebEx, in that it creates the illusion that participants are in an event and are sharing the same place and time. What you've got with a virtual environment is that it's completely immersive. Second Life utilizes VoIP for voice communication.

A Downside
One downside to Second Life is that there is a learning curve and each platform and space has a new set of rules. But travelling around the learning curve is faster and a lot cheaper than a plane ride.

Second Life Locations for Business
SL Enterprise
Immersive Workspaces
Global Link
Active World
Fortera OLIVE
Open Sim
Unity 3D

Conducting Business in Second Life 
Present your product to your customers Discuss design solutions with models built in 3D, collaborate in real time with screen sharing, get feedback, exchange ideas, launch new products, forge partnerships.

Take your business to a new level by inviting prospective customers to your live conferences, keynote presentations, product demos, and social networking. You can conduct mentoring between multicultural teams; training and large events; scenario-based rehearsals; white-board brainstorming and joint software development

IBM, Intel, Case Western Reserve, New Media Consortium, DefenseWeb Technologies, Northrop Grumman, the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, and many others.

Sometimes language barriers can prevent business relationships. That is why you need an instantaneous translator. I recommend first, Ferd’s Free Translator 7.3  (free) or you can try Q-Translator 2.1 (390 Lindens)

Build a 3D Model
There is an area called the Sandbox where you can easily and quickly build 3D models of your products. 


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Jeanne Mayeux

Jeanne Mayeux is a documentary producer director with more than 25 programs to her credit. Shows that she has worked on have won an Oscar, Emmy, Cable Ace and a Clio. Mayeux is skilled in all aspects of the production process from research, coordinating the production, script writing, interviewing and editing and a strong background in creating personal profiles for television. She produced magazine length shows for Fox News Channel, Iyanla, Inside Edition, E Entertainment, Sightings and Strange Universe. As the owner of Fulltilt Boogie Productions in Los Angeles she produced and acted as creative collaborator with director Mark Pellington on an award winning Honda commercial. Working with some of the most prestigious ad agencies including BBDO, Rubin Postaer and Fallon McGelligot she has produced and consulted on commercials for Pepsi, Black & Decker and The Wall Street Journal. As a creative consultant she worked one on one with director Cameron Crowe to create a short film in the Academy Award winning film Jerry Maguire. She has produced for numerous newsmagazines and documentaries, which have aired on PBS, ABC, National Geographic, Discovery, FOX, Disney and HBO.