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Why Use Online Video Marketing Low Competition + Growing Market = Amazing Opportunity

Video is the fastest growing medium in the history of the Internet. Video accounts for 25% of all search traffic. Sites that uses video have a 60% higher conversions over sites that don’t. If you’re not using video within on your website, video sharing sites and social media, then you’re missing out on the Internet’s fastest growing trend and one of the most powerful ways to get traffic and conversions. If you are using video then you will have the first mover advantage. Video increases the likelihood getting found on the first page of Google by 96%. (Forrester, January 2010) 1. When you show a product in a video, that product is 95% more likely to be bought. (Internet Retailer, April 2010) Video adds two-minutes to visitors' stays on retail sites. (Comscore, August 2010) 2. Video boosts conversion rates by an average of 9%. (Internet Retailer, October 2010) 3. One-minute of video is worth 1.8 million words (Forrester Research, January 2009) 4. Adding video on your ecommerce sites include lower number of abandoned shopping carts, reduced return rates and higher sales (eMarketer, January 2009) 5. Shoppers who viewed video on a product page were 144% more likely to add to cart than shoppers who had not viewed a product video. (Internet Retailer, March 2011).

Inbound Marketing Summit

Inbound Marketing Summit

Location Date Check it out
Boston, MA September 14-15th, 2011 Link

About Inbound Marketing Summit
The Inbound Marketing Summit – Boston Conference will feature industry recognized experts and cutting edge practitioners for a fast paced 2 day program. This is a great event for the online marketing community. The agenda for this event will include session on Social Media, Video Content Creation, PR, Mobile and Lead Generation.


Beyond Viral

Semiotics and Subliminal Advertising

Semiotics and subliminal advertising are two distinct communication mehtods that attempt to persuade consumers into buying, using or thinking about their product. They are two different techniques yet they are often used in together.
Semiotics deals with symbols in the form of text and pictures, and also with their underlying meaning.
Semiotics is a powerful tool for revealing concealed meanings in Internet marketing. Internet marketing makes extensive use of symbols in order to affect product awareness and cultural meaning, semiotics is a very effective and efficient tool for interpreting online marketing.
Subliminal advertising attempts to subconsciously alter preferences or attitudes toward consumer products’. It Exposes consumers to product images, brand names, or other marketing stimuli without the consumers having conscious awareness. Once exposed to a subliminal marketing stimulus, the consumer is believed to decode the information and act upon it without being able to acknowledge a communication stimulus’. They have been inserted into advertising for centuries with great success. Subliminal advertising is illegal in the U.S. and U.K.
Watch the video below.

Other interesting links about semiotics and subliminal advertising

Violent Effects of Media on Society

Do you believe that television and the Internet creates a damaging and alienating window on the world? The average American child will have watched 8,000 murders on television by the age of twelve. (George Gerbner)
Television, Gerbner believes, is modern-day religion. It presents a coherent vision of the world. And this vision of the world, he says, is violent, mean, repressive, dangerous -- and inaccurate. It breeds what fear and resentment mixed with economic frustration can lead to -- the undermining of democracy.
This is an assignment for school on Cultivation Theory. Please help me out and make a comment.

The FCC controls television but what about the Internet. Children have access to much worse forms of violent and negative media. Will this create a much more violent society. When television became popular in 1955 there was a huge spike in murders and violent crimes. What will the Internet do to our children? One example is flash mobs. There are gangs of teens flash mobbing stores and robbing and beating people. They video tape themselves and put it on the Internet.​a/Documents/short/cultiv.h​tml

This is posted for an assignment for my Media Studies class.

5 Legal Tips For Video Search Marketing

Video search marketing has exploded in the past few years. The problem is that most marketers today, especially those in small-to-medium businesses, have no idea what the legal issues with online video are.
See Grant Crowell's entire article here:

Finally Launched my Video SEO Website

I have been so busy helping clients that I have not been able to do for myself what I have been doing so successfully for my clients. Please check it out and please hit the like button. Much appreciated.
I specialize in video SEO which, has taken off like wildfire in the last month. It is easier than ever to rank at the top of the search engine results page (SERP) if you have video or images due to the sweeping change Google made to their algorithm last March 2011.

Video SEO Fundamentals

The good news: landing a first page Google result is easier than ever if you are doing video.
The bad news: If you just spent gobs of money designing a gorgeous website you’re screwed. Google has once again changed its algorithm. They are giving much more importance to video, images and social media over websites. If you have a great website that doesn’t mean you will be relegated to the back of the room forever. You just need to use video, images and social media to drive traffic to this site. Pretty much anyone who has video is most likely going to land on the first page of the search engine results page (SERP). Forrester Research found that videos were 53 times more likely than traditional web pages to receive an organic first-page ranking. We are enjoying a gold rush with little competition.

Step 1
Upload your video to the top video sharing sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, MetaCafe, Twitvid.
Step 2
Now we are going to stick flypaper all over it. Well, not really. You see, Google can’t actually hear or see what is in your video, at least not yet, so we have to lay down some Braille for the spiders. First thing is, you must title your video using the most important keywords. These are the words people use to find you. Use a keyword research tool such as Google Adwords. Now, use some of those same keywords in your tags. Don’t list more than 15 tags. Focus on capturing a niche market – a sweet spot. Don’t go after highly competitive words where you could get lost yet make sure you have enough of a market to be viable. For example, if less than 30 people are searching for this word/month than it may be too small of a market. Transcribe every word of your video and put it in annotations. If this is too much work and you fear it could destroy the look of the video than you can put sprinkle annotations with important keywords. Also, develop a video site map and submit it using Google Webmaster Tools and insert a robot.txt file on all video pages.

Step 3
Submit your video and links to this video to all social media sites even if they don’t have video capability. Automate this process with HootSuite. Submit different messages 4 times a day to every site. Anything more can feel spammy to your followers. Social Media has become one of the strongest methods of increasing traffic due to a recent change in the Google Algorithim about 3 weeks ago. So post your videos in every social medium that will take them. Especially Facebook and Twitter.

These are the fundamental basics of Video SEO. It can get complicated real fast the deeper you get into it. You must also be careful to not break spam rules. There is black hat seo and white hat seo. Make sure you keep your white hat on. You don’t want to get banned from Google.

The Best Wireless Microphone - Sony UWPV1 Lavalier

The Best Wireless Microphone I recommend: Sony UWPV1 Lavalier
by Mike Koenigs

Sony UWPV1 Lavalier Microphone, Bodypack Transmitter & Portable RX Wireless System
Here’s the microphone I recommend to everyone who wants a GREAT wireless system that produces beautiful sound. UWPV1 works with any camera that has an external microphone input. It can be used on camera, on stage and practically anywhere.
They are sturdy and they come with a strong metal case, they look great and are versatile in any environment.
To date, I haven’t had one fail – and we put our mics through hell between our camera work, studio environment, on the road and the biggest challenging environment of all – THE STAGE!
They cost about $430 for the set – which may sound expensive but after spending BAD MONEY on rotten microphones that were $150-$300 and being absolutely frustrated with the results, you DON’T want to be cheap when it comes to your audio!

The Future of Online Video for Marketing and Advertising
by: Jeanne Mayeux

The line between what is online video and TV is quickly fading. People can watch most TV programs across on their mobile phone, laptop, iPad etc. through sources such as Hulu, Netflix, and even the networks' own websites. We can watch and share web videos on our flat screen TV via GoogleTV or Apple TV. So I think we're getting close to dropping the ‘online’ from online video. Television and the Internet are on a collision course.

Hyper-fragmentation of these audiences is providing new opportunities for advertisers to find the exact audience that is riveted to their message. This lean forward audience wants to hear their message.

Web platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo have leveled the playing field, giving the little guy the same chance at exposure that the established content creators have always had a monopoly on. The key is to be original and to really use the web medium to its fullest potential.

Video marketers and advertisers will be able to take advantage of web video by making their "ads" destination content by taking advantage of what the Internet can do. For example ads that allow viewers to choose the ending: Like Zombie Pizza Delivery from a NZ pizza restaurant.

OR audience participation like Subservient Chicken from Burger King.

Internet marketing

Web Video Predictions for 2011: Hold on Its Going to be a Bumpy Ride

Web Video Predictions for 2011: Hold on It's Going to be a Bumpy Ride

Web publishing has advanced from hard-coded, static pages to multiplatform video publishing and users can't get enough of it! In a few years the platform could just as easily evolve into 3D holographic projections and be completely removed from a tactile screen. Who knows? 
“Today, one-third of Internet traffic is video and in a couple of years, that traffic volume should increase to 60%. By the end of 2013, the Internet will be carrying the equivalent of 10 billion DVDs of video … each month.” (Terence Swee, CEO)

Terence Swee of noted that “big corporations are successfully making use of short online videos for product demonstrations, applications, installation, trouble shooting and technical explanations. “However, today’s technology, new compact high-definition cameras and affordably priced automated video production software like Muvee Reveal, make it easy and economical for any organization to post videos that look as good as any on the Web.” With a HD camera, a decent computer, video software, a little planning (scripting), video can be produced that helps the company educate, inform, assist and retain customers. 

Internet video is about to explode in 2011. I liken it to what the Internet was like in 1998. Cable TV is in major danger of being usurped by the Internet and providers like Netflix, Google TV and Xbox are going to take over. Microsoft says 42% of the premium Xbox Gold users who rely on it to view video are watching more than an hour/day or 30 hours in a month. “If you’re a cable provider, that should be terrifying,” says Forrester analyst James McQuivey.

Video Integrates Across Platforms
Computers, TV and mobile phones will integrate like never before. Instead of watching time shifted shows on your DVR people will be able to organize their video entertainment into playlists on the Internet to watch later on any device.  

Platform Choices
Video marketers will see a huge increase in platform choices to a) integrate with ad networks and analytics, b) deliver the right video content to the right user on the right device. One such platform is This platform enables better analytics and builds community and user interaction with video.

Video Search
Bing search has a mouse-over playback that seems to offer better usability and more relevant search results over Youtube. CastTV has completely supplanted YouTube offering blended results from YouTube, CNN, Amazon and other sites. Watch for more to come. is a made-for-web TV Guide and search tool that allows you to locate shows and select viewing options: free, per episode or subscription. There are so many crap videos that only seem to appeal to teenage boys high on weed. We will begin to see more curators (filtered content) of the best of web video. Places that help you manage the data deluge. Sites such as that “shares videos worth watching” and Video Antville, a hub for music videos. 

More people will start utilizing video search engine optimization in 2011.  Video SEO is getting fine-tuned by utilizing titling, annotations, subtitling and video sitemaps.

Social Media
Social Media and mobile will integrate with Web video in a big way in 2011. Facebook and Twitter is fast becoming the destination where most videos are being watched. Yet there is still no way to monetize these videos like how Youtube does. We will also see more videos being viewed on MMS. With the advent of 4G videophones this will only grow. 

Read More: Online Video Predictions For 2011: Are You Ready For The Storm?

How to Insert Yourself Into Your Slide Presentation

Click on the link above to view a video tutorial that shows you how to create professional quality video presentations with a huge wow factor. You just shoot yourself on a black or green background use a wireless mic and combine all of the elements in the ScreenFlow editing program. The tools Mike used were: Kensington Wireless Presenter, Keynote and a wireless mic.

Viral Marketing: Expert tips, ads and examples

VMK CampingForAll Video Ad

Human Mattress Dominoes World Record: Viral Video Marketing Genius

Why would a mattress company in Tewksbury, England attract 928,954 views on This video for Bensons for Beds achieved a mattress-toppling world record. Forty-one silly employees cling to a mattress, forming a long line snaking through their factory. As each mattress falls each shrieking employee knocks each other down before the final domino lands on a conveyor belt and is shipped off to one lucky customer's home. Do they have way too much time on their hands or are they ingenious marketers? Well, after 928,954 hits on I think they qualify as brilliant marketers.

This video looks like a home movie. There is no shiny professional edting, lighting or cinematography.  It’s just some guy with a camera shooting a very silly stunt.  The one thing that comes across is everyone is having a lot of fun.  If I ever needed a mattress I sure would want to buy one from these fun people. Although I think the shipping from Tewksbury, England to Arizona, U.S. might be cost prohibitive.

To Date This Viral Video Achieved:
1,841 shares all time
394 blog posts
1,447 Facebook shares


First Broadcast 27 Jul 2009
Bensons for Beds still holds the Guinness Book World Record for the largest indoor human mattress dominoes. 

Media Shift: Great Resource for Upcoming Conferences on Digital Media

I would like to highly recommend Media Shift. This is a great blog from PBS about video marketing and all things digital media.  It is an invaluable resource for upcoming events on Internet video and the future of Internet marketing.

Google's YouTube Wins Copyright Infringement Suit

The Entertainment industry led by the Spanish Milan Cathedral magnet, Silvio Berlusconi  have

been claiming that YouTube must screen every video before it goes live to make sure that it does 

not break any copyright claims. (

According to the NY Times, A Spanish court on Thursday sided with Google in a dispute with the broadcaster Telecinco, saying Google’s online video-sharing service, YouTube, did not have to screen television clips for potential copyright violations before posting them on the site.

The ruling was similar to an American ruling from June, where Google was cleared to continue to 
allow users to upload content from copyrighted programs, as long as they take them down when 
notified. In that case, Viacom was demanding $1 billion in copyright infringements.

This is great news for YouTube users. We can breathe a sigh of relief for possible copyright infringement. Just watch your inbox for those pesky "cease and desist" orders. Thank goodness YouTube is not following in the footsteps of Napster a music sharing site that was successfully sued by the music industry and forced to shut down in 2001.  Many saw this an unjust decision.

Clay Shirky: How cognitive surplus will change the world | Video on

Clay Shirky: How cognitive surplus will change the world | Video on

It seems that humans would rather watch interesting, thought provoking, potentially interactive video content. As Clay Shirky so extraordinarily explains in his book Cognitive Surplus, the extra brainpower we have is no longer being relegated to 'coach potato' activities of mindless viewing of lame sitcoms. Rather, people are engaging in the kind of accelerated innovation that Chris Anderson is seeing across disciplines.
He says two things are fueling this acceleration: Revelation and Motivation.
"Revelation: for the first time, people can see what the very best people across the globe are capable of. A world of possibility opens up. Motivation: if you can do something innovative and special, you get thousands of people viewing your work and talking about you. It's intoxicating. And it's driving hundreds and hundreds of hours of effort from potential innovators across the globe." (Chris Anderson, 2010,
Watch Clay Shirky talk about Cognitive Surplus at

TechSmith Records Double-Digit Worldwide Growth Through the First Half of 2010

(BUSINESS WIRE) Today Business Wire is reporting Snagit10 sales increased by more than 28 percent for January through July, while Camtasia Studio sales grew by more than 25 percent. TechSmith’s Camtasia Studio 7 (video and presentation capture & editing) enables users to capture, record and enhance digital content from their computer screens so they can share information and knowledge in compelling multimedia formats, and allow others to observe, analyze and learn from their experiences. TechSmith products are used by 99 percent of the Fortune 500.

Over the past six months, launches of TechSmith’s Snagit10 (screen capture & editing) and TechSmith’s Camtasia Studio 7 (video and presentation capture & editing) captivated millions of new and existing users worldwide. TechSmith products are used by 99 percent of the Fortune 500. Visit for more information.

Also check out “The Forge” TechSmith’s new show all about screencasting.

For a demo of what Camtasia can do visit:

Inform employees…
Hudson Intranet Screencast
Demo screencast for the new Hudson Intranet
“We were very pleased with how easy it was to create a complex production for our Intranet launch using just one staff member and less than 2 days work.”
– Kris Rzepkowski, Hudson
Narrow the distance in distance ed…
111Internet Orientation Video
Orientation video for IT 111 Internet & Web Authoring
“I've got a nice collection of movies that I can often reuse. And instead of downloading a lifeless PowerPoint file, students experience something much more like a live presentation.”
– Jean Kent, emeritus, North Seattle Community College

19 year old YouTube Instant' creator finds instant fame

(CNET)-- For Stanford University student Feross Aboukhadijeh, what started off as a bet fueled by youthful ambition and technical bravado, ended up an Internet hit and quite possibly a job.
Last week, Aboukhadijeh, 19, was just an ordinary, albeit talented, college student as he tested out Google Instant, the Web giant's new predictive search results feature. He was immediatelyimpressed on its debut Wednesday but also inspired. To his roommate, he said, "I bet you I can build YouTube Instant in an hour." And his roommate took him up on the bet.
Aboukhadijeh didn't quite make the hour deadline, but three hours later, YouTube Instant was born. The site lets people search the enormous YouTube video database in real time.
He spent a couple more hours Thursday sprucing up the user interface. And before going to sleep that night, he posted his work to his Facebook page.
"When I woke up Friday morning there was craziness," he said.
By "craziness," Aboukhadijeh means countless e-mails congratulating him, a bevy of interview requests, a server flooded with Web traffic, the creation of a Wikipedia entry in his name, and -- perhaps most notably -- a job offer from YouTube CEO Chad Hurley via Twitter.
Unsure just how seriously to take the tweeted job offer, Aboukhadijeh replied along the lines of "Is this a for-real offer?" Hurley then e-mailed him to set up a meeting, which is scheduled for Monday at YouTube's San Bruno, Calif., headquarters, Aboukhadijeh said.
YouTube officials didn't respond to an e-mail request sent Friday from CNET seeking confirmation of the job offer or meeting.
Aboukhadijeh is just finishing up a summer internship with Facebook, but he doesn't see how that would prohibit his taking a job at YouTube, which is owned by Google.
"I'd like to finish college," he added, which he agreed could pose the bigger problem.
Much like Google Instant, YouTube Instant lets people type in what they're looking for, and the engine guesses what that video is. By design, it plays the video immediately. However, based on feedback, Aboukhadijeh said he's working on play and pause features, among other improvements.
"It's not as useful as Google Instant if you know exactly what you're looking for, since you're shown distracting YouTube videos on the way to your destination," Aboukhadijeh told All Thing Digital's Peter Kafka. "But I think this is perfect for many Internet users."
He built the site using the YouTube API but scraped YouTube search suggestions after Google blocked his server for making too many repeated requests to the search suggestion endpoint. Aboukhadijeh ended up re-writing the site to instead query YouTube directly for search suggestions, "eliminating the round-trip to my server," he said.
Aboukhadijeh, who is from Sacramento, California, said he's been blown away by how quickly his tool went viral and is grateful for all the supportive feedback.
"I'm amazed and humbled by all the attention it's received. So thank you," he said.
But imitation is the highest form of flattery, and it appears he's got that, too. TechCrunch on Saturday pointed to Alabama-based developer Michael Hart, who, inspired by Aboukhadijeh, used jQuery and the Google Maps API to build Google Maps Instant. And the same blogger later pointed to an all-encompassing Instantisepage that gives a home to the evidently quickly growing number of sites with instant, predictive search results.
Instantise was reportedly designed by Scottish engineer Tam Denholm, TechCrunch said.
Aboukhadijeh is a majoring in computer science, but his technical expertise has been developing over many years.
Around age 5, when his parents bought a new microwave oven, he took the manual and learned how to turn on the child lock, something his parents never learned to do. That knowledge came in handy when he was old enough to get grounded -- he would lock it up and use it as a bargaining chip.

Chris Anderson: How web video powers global innovation | Video on

Chris Anderson: How web video powers global innovation | Video on

Digital Video Marketing  
Through Storytelling

Whether it’s the mass market or the farthest end of a long tail, digital video can give you the opportunity to gain highly targeted new prospects and also to improve your relationship with existing customers. Good marketing is storytelling and there is no better medium for that than video.

YouTube and Going Viral
A dedicated YouTube channel builds brand awareness, develops relationships, forms communities. Objectives should include a targeted distribution strategy that guarantees exposure to the desired, most relevant audience. Once you target this audience it will grow exponentially on itself.

A dedicated YouTube Channel can create connectivity when integrated with P2P sites such as Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, Linkedin, Ask, blogs, wikis. A targeted distribution strategy should utilize video search engines and mobile optimization. Online video seeding can also be accomplished through distribution services like Brightcove.

One of the major driving forces behind making a video go viral is embedding. Users are able to share your videos and put them in blogs, social networks, even emails.

All of these efforts will come to a tipping point for your campaign. A key marketing objective should be to achieve a viral impact through user recommendation or “word of mouse” spreading the content exponentially.
The community is in control. It is important to let go of this control. Encourage your audience to share your content and with gentle monitoring and guidance give the community the opportunity to keep the conversation going by sharing your content.

Facts and figures about your company still matter but storytelling will engage your prospects. It takes stories to connect with customers on an emotional level. You need to understand how your brand's products and services meet a customer's emotional needs. Documentary style authentic, personal profile videos will illicit an emotional response with your target prospect.
Video storytelling grabs your attention from the start, pulling you in and taking you on an adventure along with characters and situations you can believe in and associate with elements of humor, drama, spectacle, action or mystery. All the while cutting through any marketing hyperbole and inwardly focused messaging because good storytelling is about engaging with an audience and tapping into their needs, passions, and fears.

Case Studies
The College of William & Mary showcased personal and inspiring student stories on YouTube and other marketing channels. It only took six months for W&M applicants to increase by more than 100%. Other companies successfully using advertainment by telling a personal story through video are IBM, Kleenex, Dove, Hitachi, Kashi and Donovan.

Bottom Line
Show, don’t tell and one last thing, make sure your message and story is consistent regardless of where it’s delivered. Inconsistencies degrade the power of the story and cause mistrust. Every brand has a story. Tell it well, and you'll give your customers a reason to believe in you.

Jeanne Mayeux

Jeanne Mayeux is a documentary producer director with more than 25 programs to her credit. Shows that she has worked on have won an Oscar, Emmy, Cable Ace and a Clio. Mayeux is skilled in all aspects of the production process from research, coordinating the production, script writing, interviewing and editing and a strong background in creating personal profiles for television. She produced magazine length shows for Fox News Channel, Iyanla, Inside Edition, E Entertainment, Sightings and Strange Universe. As the owner of Fulltilt Boogie Productions in Los Angeles she produced and acted as creative collaborator with director Mark Pellington on an award winning Honda commercial. Working with some of the most prestigious ad agencies including BBDO, Rubin Postaer and Fallon McGelligot she has produced and consulted on commercials for Pepsi, Black & Decker and The Wall Street Journal. As a creative consultant she worked one on one with director Cameron Crowe to create a short film in the Academy Award winning film Jerry Maguire. She has produced for numerous newsmagazines and documentaries, which have aired on PBS, ABC, National Geographic, Discovery, FOX, Disney and HBO.