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Current and Future Strategies for Online Video Marketing

Current and Future Strategies for Online Video Marketing
by Jeanne Mayeux 

Brands can do a much better job of story telling viaVideo because it provides a much better sensory experience; sight, sound, motion, and it elicits emotion.
Metrics support that online video marketing more than a doubles the impact on purchases vs. a static display of a jpeg ad (Dynamic Logic Market Norms, Video provides for a much higher message retention over a static ad.

A warning about using video for marketing: If you are using it as a preroll or midroll ad make sure it is relevant to the topic at hand. If it is not relevant it is simply an interruption. Relevant placement of video ads is  key.  Make sure you have the right target audience for this ad. More than half of online video viewers find video ads to be annoying and or irrelevant to them. (emarketer 2008) 

"Make (video ads) scarce, short and sweet. Relevancy is really important. We need to deliver advertising that viewers want to see.” Albert Cheng, ABC

The interruption disruption model of advertising is no longer effective.  Engagement is the new paradigm shift. Creatives need to make their ads interesting, compelling, entertaining informative, and provide enough utility that viewers will want to share them with others and thereby become evangelists and make your ad viral.

Viral Video
A great example of a viral ad is from Evian.  Roller Babies is captivating and amusing viewed over 14 million times in the first few months of the campaign. The head of the campaign David Lubars, BBDO said, “The way the world is headed is voluntary engagement. The work has to be a magnet.”

Another great example of viral videos is the Huggies Potty Project. This is resource type marketing for kids that are in diapers. They have utilized user-generated videos of kids who are being potty trained. It is an informative e-learning series of videos. They were able to track their ROI because a printable coupon could be obtained from the site and when it was redeemed Huggies knew exactly where it came from.

Convergence of TV and Internet
Expect a seamless convergence of TV and Internet. Television will become a more lean-forward, interactive medium. Internet will have more professional TV like content and broadband quality will improve. Already, 57% - 65%  of adults are online while watching TV (Nielsen; BIG Research) Marketers need to leverage this.

Hybrid Approach: Ad supported and subscription fees similar to the cable TV business model.

“In order to leverage the cross platform nature of online video we need to measure it better.” Council for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) 14-Company Consortium of major TV networks, big media shops and brand advertisers.

“By 2013 more digital video traffic will come through TVs than computers with 61.5% delivered to TVs in North America” CIMM

How to Leverage Video Marketing
·      Expand reach through a mix of video ad buys including on appropriate ad networks. 
·      Focus heavily on targeting, overlaying online video buys with behavioral targeting
·      Be clear on your goals – before you launch a video campaign ask yourself:
o   what do you mean by engagement?
o   What do you want the viewer to get form this?


Jennifer said...

I think you made some very convincing points about the usefulness of videos being incorporated in a campaign or website. I think that almost everyone at some point and time has clicked into You Tube. Making a funny interesting video that gains brand attention could be most useful if done correctly.

Anonymous said...

I loved how you added youtube videos to this so when your reading you can take a break and watch baby's break dancing
PS: I have a blog too it is atached to my website check it out

love you mom! :)

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Jeanne Mayeux

Jeanne Mayeux is a documentary producer director with more than 25 programs to her credit. Shows that she has worked on have won an Oscar, Emmy, Cable Ace and a Clio. Mayeux is skilled in all aspects of the production process from research, coordinating the production, script writing, interviewing and editing and a strong background in creating personal profiles for television. She produced magazine length shows for Fox News Channel, Iyanla, Inside Edition, E Entertainment, Sightings and Strange Universe. As the owner of Fulltilt Boogie Productions in Los Angeles she produced and acted as creative collaborator with director Mark Pellington on an award winning Honda commercial. Working with some of the most prestigious ad agencies including BBDO, Rubin Postaer and Fallon McGelligot she has produced and consulted on commercials for Pepsi, Black & Decker and The Wall Street Journal. As a creative consultant she worked one on one with director Cameron Crowe to create a short film in the Academy Award winning film Jerry Maguire. She has produced for numerous newsmagazines and documentaries, which have aired on PBS, ABC, National Geographic, Discovery, FOX, Disney and HBO.