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The Future of Online Video for Marketing and Advertising
by: Jeanne Mayeux

The line between what is online video and TV is quickly fading. People can watch most TV programs across on their mobile phone, laptop, iPad etc. through sources such as Hulu, Netflix, and even the networks' own websites. We can watch and share web videos on our flat screen TV via GoogleTV or Apple TV. So I think we're getting close to dropping the ‘online’ from online video. Television and the Internet are on a collision course.

Hyper-fragmentation of these audiences is providing new opportunities for advertisers to find the exact audience that is riveted to their message. This lean forward audience wants to hear their message.

Web platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo have leveled the playing field, giving the little guy the same chance at exposure that the established content creators have always had a monopoly on. The key is to be original and to really use the web medium to its fullest potential.

Video marketers and advertisers will be able to take advantage of web video by making their "ads" destination content by taking advantage of what the Internet can do. For example ads that allow viewers to choose the ending: Like Zombie Pizza Delivery from a NZ pizza restaurant.

OR audience participation like Subservient Chicken from Burger King.

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Jeanne Mayeux

Jeanne Mayeux is a documentary producer director with more than 25 programs to her credit. Shows that she has worked on have won an Oscar, Emmy, Cable Ace and a Clio. Mayeux is skilled in all aspects of the production process from research, coordinating the production, script writing, interviewing and editing and a strong background in creating personal profiles for television. She produced magazine length shows for Fox News Channel, Iyanla, Inside Edition, E Entertainment, Sightings and Strange Universe. As the owner of Fulltilt Boogie Productions in Los Angeles she produced and acted as creative collaborator with director Mark Pellington on an award winning Honda commercial. Working with some of the most prestigious ad agencies including BBDO, Rubin Postaer and Fallon McGelligot she has produced and consulted on commercials for Pepsi, Black & Decker and The Wall Street Journal. As a creative consultant she worked one on one with director Cameron Crowe to create a short film in the Academy Award winning film Jerry Maguire. She has produced for numerous newsmagazines and documentaries, which have aired on PBS, ABC, National Geographic, Discovery, FOX, Disney and HBO.