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Web Video Predictions for 2011: Hold on Its Going to be a Bumpy Ride

Web Video Predictions for 2011: Hold on It's Going to be a Bumpy Ride

Web publishing has advanced from hard-coded, static pages to multiplatform video publishing and users can't get enough of it! In a few years the platform could just as easily evolve into 3D holographic projections and be completely removed from a tactile screen. Who knows? 
“Today, one-third of Internet traffic is video and in a couple of years, that traffic volume should increase to 60%. By the end of 2013, the Internet will be carrying the equivalent of 10 billion DVDs of video … each month.” (Terence Swee, CEO)

Terence Swee of noted that “big corporations are successfully making use of short online videos for product demonstrations, applications, installation, trouble shooting and technical explanations. “However, today’s technology, new compact high-definition cameras and affordably priced automated video production software like Muvee Reveal, make it easy and economical for any organization to post videos that look as good as any on the Web.” With a HD camera, a decent computer, video software, a little planning (scripting), video can be produced that helps the company educate, inform, assist and retain customers. 

Internet video is about to explode in 2011. I liken it to what the Internet was like in 1998. Cable TV is in major danger of being usurped by the Internet and providers like Netflix, Google TV and Xbox are going to take over. Microsoft says 42% of the premium Xbox Gold users who rely on it to view video are watching more than an hour/day or 30 hours in a month. “If you’re a cable provider, that should be terrifying,” says Forrester analyst James McQuivey.

Video Integrates Across Platforms
Computers, TV and mobile phones will integrate like never before. Instead of watching time shifted shows on your DVR people will be able to organize their video entertainment into playlists on the Internet to watch later on any device.  

Platform Choices
Video marketers will see a huge increase in platform choices to a) integrate with ad networks and analytics, b) deliver the right video content to the right user on the right device. One such platform is This platform enables better analytics and builds community and user interaction with video.

Video Search
Bing search has a mouse-over playback that seems to offer better usability and more relevant search results over Youtube. CastTV has completely supplanted YouTube offering blended results from YouTube, CNN, Amazon and other sites. Watch for more to come. is a made-for-web TV Guide and search tool that allows you to locate shows and select viewing options: free, per episode or subscription. There are so many crap videos that only seem to appeal to teenage boys high on weed. We will begin to see more curators (filtered content) of the best of web video. Places that help you manage the data deluge. Sites such as that “shares videos worth watching” and Video Antville, a hub for music videos. 

More people will start utilizing video search engine optimization in 2011.  Video SEO is getting fine-tuned by utilizing titling, annotations, subtitling and video sitemaps.

Social Media
Social Media and mobile will integrate with Web video in a big way in 2011. Facebook and Twitter is fast becoming the destination where most videos are being watched. Yet there is still no way to monetize these videos like how Youtube does. We will also see more videos being viewed on MMS. With the advent of 4G videophones this will only grow. 

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