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Violent Effects of Media on Society

Do you believe that television and the Internet creates a damaging and alienating window on the world? The average American child will have watched 8,000 murders on television by the age of twelve. (George Gerbner)
Television, Gerbner believes, is modern-day religion. It presents a coherent vision of the world. And this vision of the world, he says, is violent, mean, repressive, dangerous -- and inaccurate. It breeds what fear and resentment mixed with economic frustration can lead to -- the undermining of democracy.
This is an assignment for school on Cultivation Theory. Please help me out and make a comment.

The FCC controls television but what about the Internet. Children have access to much worse forms of violent and negative media. Will this create a much more violent society. When television became popular in 1955 there was a huge spike in murders and violent crimes. What will the Internet do to our children? One example is flash mobs. There are gangs of teens flash mobbing stores and robbing and beating people. They video tape themselves and put it on the Internet.​a/Documents/short/cultiv.h​tml

This is posted for an assignment for my Media Studies class.


Jeanne Mayeux said...

Upon doing further research I found that the crime rate did indeed rise in 1955 however the crime rates have been dropping drastically in the last few years in all major American cities. Could this correalate to the rise in Internet usage and the decline in TV viewership? Maybe people are on the Internet learning and using their minds instead of watching inane nonsense on the TV. I also found that most people believe the crime rate is rising because that is the impression they get from TV News. People who watched more TV had a noticeable difference in their perception of reality. This view tended to make the world overall seem less safe to heavy TV users according to George Gerbner who came up with Cultivation Theory.

Gerbner, George. “Reclaiming our Cultural Mythology:Television's global marketing strategy creates a damaging and alienated window on the world.” Ecology of Justice (1994, 1997): 40. 10 April. 2010.

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